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Music Lessons

We teach Guitar, Piano, Singing, Voice, Drums, Bass, Violin, & Ukulele Lessons
Guitar, Bass, & Ukulele Lessons

Our guitar instructors teach rock, blues, metal, country and classical styles on both electric and acoustic guitars.

Piano Lessons

Whether you aspire to play Bach or Alicia Keys, our dedicated piano instructors will help you become the pianist you want to be.

Voice & Singing Lessons

If you've always wanted to hone your skills as a rock, pop, country, jazz, gospel or R&B singer, we have the voice teacher for you.

Drum Lessons

Every state-of-the-art drum lesson room is equipped with Roland drum kits for our students.

Woodwind Lessons

Our woodwind instructors teach woodwind basics as well as how to play in solo and ensembles.

Brass Lessons

Our brass instructors will teach the styles of music you're looking to learn and will work to develop the skills necessary for advancement.

Violin Lessons

Our strings instructors can teach a wide variety of genres

Guzheng Lessons

The guzheng is a traditional Chinese music instrument tuned in a pentatonic scale and sounds like the harp.

Got lessons from Nate for my granddaughter... she enjoyed his teaching style! They have a very well run school with lots of space and fun things for youth. They also have many offices where the individual private lessons occur. Staff are professional and courteous!

-Kimberly D.

I have had the great pleasure of working at Castro Valley School of Music and I highly recommend it to anyone who is really serious about a musical education. The staff is friendly and passionate about its students needs.

-Simon R.
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