L E S S O N S 

We recognize that each student is different, so we believe it's important to design a lesson plan to fit each individuals musical goals. We customize lesson plans for each student that may involve one, or a combination of the following arrangements;


Private Lessons offer a focused, one-on-one lesson where the teacher is able to devote their attention to one student.  We offer 30, 45 and 60 minute private lessons on all instruments.


Buddy Lessons are designed to give two or three students the chance to work together.  This is a particularly good option for beginners when students are learning the basics.  It’s also a fun way for parents and kids to take lessons together.


Group Classes offer students an interactive environment for learning an instrument or topic with other students.  We offer ongoing group classes for instruments like piano, guitar, voice and music theory.


Combo Lessons are designed to get students playing together on different instruments.  They involve one teacher with two, three or four students where the focus is on playing songs together as a group.

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