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A "last minute" concert announcement!

The Last Minute Band is a 10-piece, family friendly band covering the Golden Age of Soul and R&B music from the 60's and 70's to today. Their driving rhythm, brilliant horn section and talented singer will keep you on your feet, dancing.

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Castro Valley School of Music and Olga's Piano Studio Announce Merger
February 22, 2016

Castro Valley, CA – Locally owned Castro Valley School of Music announced today that it will be merging with acclaimed Castro Valley based Olga's Piano Studio effective April 4, 2016. Company officials describe this as a perfect combination of Ms. Olga Persits’ music studio and teacher resources that provide an extraordinary level of classical training with the progressive, wide ranging musical teachings of the Castro Valley School of Music.

Castro Valley School of Music owner Shane Sharkey expects this merger to improve the overall musical journey and ongoing musical exploration for both teachers and students alike. Mr. Sharkey describes a school environment where students have a greater level of access to a variety of professional teachers all under one roof.  The teachers at the school teach a wide range of musical instruments and styles from traditional classical to improvisational jazz, to heavy metal and everything in-between.

Mr. Sharkey sees students experiencing a diverse and collaborative environment where playing live music with others is highly encouraged. The school promotes an on-going calendar of musical events that provide students a chance to showcase their musical talents in a supportive setting.

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