Michael Booker is an upcoming musician in the bay area that is comfortable playing a variety of styles and has been studying music for over 10 years. He plays Classical, Jazz, Funk Fusion, Acid, Rock, Rockabilly, and many more.

His unique style of playing has touched the hearts of many people throughout the Bay Area and beyond as he has performed in many different groups ranging from parades at Disneyland, marching band for his school, and performances with his church.

He’s studied under Dann Zinn, Marcus Stephens, Erik Jekabson, and Glenn Richman. He’s also played with artists Bob Sheppard, Andy Martin, Mic Gillette, Bobby Shew, Bryan Lynch, Geoffery Keezer, Edgardo Cambon, Mike Sopko, and Terrence Brewer to name a few.

Michael has been teaching private lessons for many years and volunteers with a local music camp as a counselor every summer.