Melissa Nering has taught piano in the East Bay for the past fourteen years. She graduated from California State University East Bay with a BA in Liberal Studies and a Minor in music. Melissa had a keen interest in piano from the time she was seven years old. When she finally had the opportunity to begin classical piano lessons, it was a dream come true. She believes one is never too old to learn and enjoys teaching children and adults. 

Many of Melissa's students have participated in studio recitals, community events, and Certificate of Merit testing. Melissa successfully auditioned to become a Cal Plan member with the Music Teachers Association of California (Alameda East Branch) and she is currently working towards Active membership. Melissa believes in a well-rounded piano education and incorporates music theory, technique, repertoire, sight reading, and ear training into lessons at the piano. 

As a formerly shy performer, Melissa can relate to stage fright  and patiently helps students to overcome their fear of performing in front of an audience. Even playing in front of people you love can be stressful when you are learning something new. Melissa believes in the importance of an at-home practice routine and weekly lesson attendance for students to make steady progress and achievement. 

When she is not at the piano, Melissa can be found hiking, reading a good book, baking, or spending time her friends and family.