Recording artist and San Francisco Bay Area native Lisa Andrea Torres, has been performing in the Bay Area, Miami, Brazil, Asia, and Mexico for the past 25 years, five of which were spent in Rio and São Paulo, Brazil. Expressing warmth and versatility, Lisa appears regularly at local venues, singing in English Spanish and Portuguese with many of the top Bay Area contemporary jazz and pop, Latin Jazz and Brazilian Jazz musicians. During and while living/performing in Brazil and Miami for over thirteen years, she began singing on the Asia 5-star luxury hotel circuit in Japan, Korea, China, and Thailand performing 6 nights per week on 4-month contracts.


While studying music at San Francisco State University and the San Francisco Conservatory of Music, Lisa began developing her vocal skills performing early on with some of the most talented and creative jazz trios and quartets in the Bay Area under the guidance of premiere jazz pianist Merrill Hoover.  As arranger and accompanist to vocalists such as Anita O’Day, Ernestine Anderson, and Chris Connor, Merrill became Lisa’s first vocal coach and mentor enabling her to build a solid repertoire while instilling the essential qualities to both sensitively and dynamically interpret each song as though telling a story.


Lisa uses these basic concepts of vocal coaching in her lessons, for the beginning student to become more familiar with his/her own voice, and the continuing student to further explore and refine their instrument. From a performance aspect, these practices along with a daily exercise program of vowel-based vocal exercises to improve a vocalist’s sense of rhythm, intonation, projection, and delivery are incorporated into an individual program designed to develop and better each student’s musicianship. Ear-training exercises, scales, recognition of intervals and most importantly pitch control incorporating the use of a keyboard as reference, is also used in class as well as recommended for students’ while practicing at home. Depending on the age and musical training of the student, she also offers a combination of piano, vocal technique practice, and vocal coaching to students who wish to improve their all around vocal performance skills.