Jason Bolich is a musician and actor who has been teaching in the Bay Area for over a decade. While he got a late start in music, only beginning to play at the age of 16, he has dedicated his life to performing and helping other students learn. He began playing in various bands as soon as he started playing, and has not stopped since. The bands range in style from punk, jazz, alternative rock, and even Irish folk.


Outside of performing with his bands, he is also at home in the studio, either producing or tracking the instruments himself. He went to San Francisco State University for the Music & Recording Industry program, and has been fortunate enough to work in such studios as Fantasy Studios and Sharkbite Studio. 


Jason is also a theater teacher, working with the Castro Valley Dramatic Arts Academy. With teaching both music and theater, he likes to promote creativity for the student. While he has a student playing songs or exercises, he will also prompt the student to try new ways of using the new knowledge the student has. As a songwriter himself, he wants his students to be able to develop their own sound and style of playing that is uniquely them.