W H O  W E  A R E 


We believe the most important aspect of music education is the fit between student and teacher. We have over 30 instructors who offer a variety of styles of teaching any musical genre. We also believe that playing live music with other musicians is crucial to mastering self-expression through your instrument. We create ensemble opportunities for our students, pairing them with other students to explore the vast possibilities available with music. 


We are a music school designed to give our students a well-rounded music education. We include free theory classes for our students that involve ear training, rhythmic studies, sight reading and more. We've created a community center where students and their families can gather, connect and create. Music is in all of us, our goal is to bring it out. 



With so many students under one roof (over 300 and growing), we are able to pair students with others for experimental projects and collaborations.  We encourage our students to explore what it’s like to play with other musicians.  This opens up a whole new world for students, teaching them to communicate with their instruments by working with others in a live setting.